Gold Exchange Service

We offer a Gold exchange service allowing you to trade in your old, broken or even new Gold Jewellery for the latest designs from us.

You old Gold items will be assessed for the purity and you can expect the Highest Exchange price given which can be used against any purchase made from us.

This allows buying Gold Jewellery to be affordable and makes sure you stay up to date with your 22 Carat Gold collection.

Ask us for more details on 01902 456152

What makes us different?

Our customers tell us time and time again that our products are what keeps them coming back. We have a keen eye for detail and never sell anything we wouldn’t want our own family to wear.

Take a look at our range of gold – Or, even better, come and visit our store in Wolverhampton. We look forward to meeting you.

Gold Forever – Jewellery & Diamonds