At Gold Forever, we only sell quality, Hallmarked jewellery.

Hallmarking was originally introduced in 1300s by a Statute of Edward I with the idea of protecting the consumer. Hallmarked jewellery allows consumers to buy precious metals in confidence, knowing the goods they are purchasing have been independently tested for the purity of precious metals contained within. Owing to the high value of Gold, Silver and Platinum, it is important that you buy hallmarked jewellery only.

Carat expressed in Percentage Purity:

9 Carat = 37.5% (Mark 375)

14 Carat = 58.5% (Mark 585)

18 Carat = 75.0% (Mark 750)

22 Carat = 91.6% (Mark 916)

24 Carat = 99.9% (Mark 999)

Mark of Quality